Startup Marketing Checklist in Notion

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What is this?

The Startup Marketing Notion Checklist is a comprehensive, chronologically ordered list of marketing tactics and ideas that you can try with your startup. The list started as the Side Project Marketing Checklist back in 2017, but I've since updated and renamed it.


I've been building little software side projects for years, but I've always been terrible at marketing them. I come up with some ideas, forget those ideas, do some random stuff, then lose interest. The goal of this template is to fix that.


  1. Duplicate the notion template
  2. Add, remove, or modify the tactics as you see fit based on your project and customers.
  3. Get to work! The checklist format allows you to keep up with which things you've tried and which you haven't.
  4. Profit? I mean, that's the goal, right?
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You'll get a link to the Notion Template with all the below checklist items

Competitor Research Checklist
Customer Research Checklist
Public Relations Checklist
Website Setup Checklist
Mail Setup Checklist
Blog Setup Checklist
Social Media Checklist
Post launch Checklist
Promotional Channel Checklist
Optimization Checklist
Copy product URL


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Startup Marketing Checklist in Notion

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