🚀 170+ GPT-3 Resources

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Quick Brief about the resources

For the past few months 📅, I am working on collecting all the GPT-3 related resources, that inlcludes, tweets , github repos, articles, and much more for my next GPT-3 product idea. By now, the resource count have reached almost 170+🤩 and thought of putting this valuable database to public and here I am. 

If you are also someone who is admirer of GPT-3 and wanted to know from its basics till where it is used in the current world, this resource database would help you a lot.

Have categorized the resources into multiple as below:

🐔 Articles

🐵 Code Generator

🐸 Content Creation

🐷 Design

🐮 Fun Ideas

🦁 Github Repos

🐯 GPT3 Community

🐨 Ideas

🐼 Notable Takes

🐻 Products

🦊 Reasoning

🐰 Social Media Marketing

🐹 Text processing

🐭 Tutorial

🐱 Utilities

🐶 Website Builder

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You'll get a Airtable sheet that has all the details about each and every resource


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